Just Beet It.

Beet Juice
They told you don’t you ever come around here…

This sweet juice is so great for all things circulation. Beets are naturally high in antioxidants and nitrates (which improve blood flow by naturally increasing  nitric oxide). In a very basic description, it opens up your blood vessels and gets your blood flowing. So it can improve all things blood-flow related including lowering blood pressure. And don’t forget to wash and juice the beet greens as well. There are a ton of phytonutrients in those.

Some people find the peel to be too “earthy” tasting. I don’t mind it, so I just scrub it. But if you are going to peel it, be sure to wear gloves and use a not-special cutting board. Beet juice will stain the heck out of your hands and you’ll be running around like Lady MacBeth for a few days.

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