G’Day Sunshine Juice

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So it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. I admit my focus has been a little scattered the past few months, and part of getting shiznit back together was to get my health and mental space back up to par. So, in addition to reinstating (again!) a workout regimen, I’ve returned to eating a clean, high raw-diet as well as drinking a lot of smoothies and juices. More importantly, I’ve inspired my parents and my grandmother to start adding fresh juices and some low-fat, raw foods into their diet as well. So with that extra, super-important family accountability, I thought that I would start posting again.

This is one of my favorite juices in the morning. It’s crisp and fresh, sweet and tart. It packs a huge nutritional blast and enough zing to get you buzzing. Continue reading “G’Day Sunshine Juice”


Lemon-Pumpkin Pancakes w/ Tea-Infused Syrup

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of pumpkin. These cakes are substantial enough to stand alone for a breakfast. The lemon zest adds a nice zing, and the tea-infused maple syrup is so refreshing. I used Aveda’s tea for this because I love the flavor the peppermint/licorice root/sweet fennel-infused maple syrup has. It’s a little menthol, complex and decidedly sweet. It’s warm and thin and makes a great side dipping sauce (versus pouring it all over the top and consuming more calories then you need to). The combination is unexpected, and surprisingly bright. Continue reading “Lemon-Pumpkin Pancakes w/ Tea-Infused Syrup”