Peaches & Greens

Millions of peaches... peaches and greens.
Millions of peaches… peaches and greens.

So a friend and I (hey Kas!), bought a truckload of peaches from an orchard a few weeks back. The last few members of the bushel were super ripe and smelling sweet when I had the idea to juice them! The result was delicious! Just throw 6-8 ripe (and pitted) peaches, a peeled orange and 2 cups of spinach in the juicer. And when I say ripe, I mean easily-bruised-smells-super-sweet-and-is-super-soft-ripe. This juice is refreshingly sweet and jam packed with call sorts of vitamins and minerals including beta carotene (from the peach… who knew?), vitamin C, and phytonutrients without tasting super verdant.

Feastival—Composed Raw Salad Platter


One thing I like to do when I have a little extra time is to make a bunch of raw salads, pâté, dips and/or sauces and keep them at the ready in the refrigerator. It’s a lot easier to stay on track when hunger pangs hit and you have a bunch of things to choose from. The great thing about making an all raw dish or pre-made dip or pâté is that it’ll keep up to 5 days. They do lose some of the nutritional value the longer they rest, and the flavor will slowly dissipate after a couple days or so. But still, these little salads are a great go to!

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Kale Yeah!

Cumin-Scented Massaged Avocado & Kale Salad

This is my favorite salad. Period. I literally constantly crave this salad—probably more then any other meal. I eat it at least once a week. And when I am on a raw and vegan diet, massaged kale and avocado is my go to, favorite meal. It’s creamy, a little spicy, a tad sour and sweet with a nice substantial bite. It’s filling and you can eat heaps and heaps for about 300 calories. Score and score. Continue reading “Kale Yeah!”

Kitchen Forager’s Salad: Transitional Raw Diet Food

I love me a salad. I am pretty famous for raiding the fridge and just throwing a bunch of veggies into the largest bowls I own (and eating it on my own!). The only rule I limit myself to is to try to balance as many different flavors, textures and colors as possible. This salad just came together because someone in my office was nice enough to give me a big ‘ole cucumber (that what she said…). I really do love veggies and fruit, and am not a big fan of dressings, usually. I like tasting each individual component. I rarely use more then some kind of citrus or vinegar on a salad. This particular concoction has creamy avocado tossed with fresh lemon juice (to keep it from browning and to add a nice acidity), that kind of creates a light, creamy dressing that coats everything beautifully. (Yeah, I said “beautifully”.) Continue reading “Kitchen Forager’s Salad: Transitional Raw Diet Food”